The people behind it

You wonder who the people behind Sunny Office are? So let’s have a look 😉

Sunny Office for over a year was just … me. It was a one-woman-show even though I found great cooperation partners for single events, but never had more permanent team members. That changed – fortunately!

There were some key events that resulted in meeting my cooperation partners: an e-mail, a skype call with a friend of a friend and a meetup in Berlin.

It started with an e-mail from Julian, a passionate surfer and blogger of surfnomade. He told me about his dream to organize something similar like Sunny Office, but with focus on surfing. We met in a small café in Berlin Mitte. Julian is a thoughtful person with a deep character and is paying a lot attention to details. He is working as scientist and uses a large part of his time for surfing – preferably, working moving and living in Volkswagen busses. I had a good feeling that we could cooperate very well and make great use of our complementary skills. We set the goal to organize a joint event in March 2015.

A few weeks later a friend of mine reminded my that a good friend of his, Ricarda, might be interested in a cooperation. Ricarda is a sunny nature, cheerful, positive and reliable. We knew each other only shortly, but I always liked her. She has already lived in Spain for a while, came back to Germany shortly, but moved back to South Spain in 2014 again. After getting the hint from our common friend I gave it a shot and we set up a Skype call. It was a perfect timing and great fit. She was just in a phase in that she was planning her next steps and we found lots of overlaps in our visions. Therefore we decided to organize a Sunny Office in Andalucía together with Ricarda as local host.

The timing couldn’t have been better – just the weekend before we spoke a close friend of Ricarda’s visited her. Tim is also German and has been living in Barcelona for nearly 3 years. He decided to stay and built his event agency fair-appearance.  Tim is outgoing, very structured, easy-going and a great networker. It took me just a few minutes to have a very good gut feeling and to see how much potential for cooperation we have. Tim is my key partner for Barcelona and will host events in the Barcelona region.


End of June I had the chance to speak at an entrepreneurial event in Berlin (“4HWW meet up”) . I shared my experiences about having a business that is a one-woman show and then figuring out that it was not sustainable because it really all depended on me. This resulted in the decision to spend many hours documenting processes and my vision this spring in order to be able to build a team. As my basic beliefs are fairness and freedom, it made no sense for me to look for “employees”, but for partners and create a structure in that everyone adds the value he or she can contribute best and to share everything fair.

After the short talk I met Elen and Danny.

Elen, blogger and creator of rainbowtoluck, is a truly international person having grown up and lived in diverse countries, open-minded, always smiling, passionate, very ambitious and fast. She offered to help with Social Media marketing first and I was happy for her help. At that point around 4 months had past without a single post on my Sunny Office Facebook page (I just gave it no priority and the longer I waited the bigger the pressure to post something really relevant ;)). Elen set up a social media plan, we defined the content areas and she collected ideas and prepared posts. We also decided to set up this blog together and she will also be part of the team marketing the Sunny Office experience for companies.

Danny is a Dutch web developer who had his own agency for a while in The Netherlands. He decided to do something new, moved to Berlin doing freelance work and engaging in companies he likes. Danny is easy-going, very structured and reliable and we met to discuss where we could start to work together. We found some possibilities in different projects and besides others Danny offered to help with the first Sunny Office Alumni event in Berlin in August 2014.

Yesterday we had the first team call with everyone on board. I am excited for the upcoming weeks when a lot will be happening and changing. Can’t wait! Thanks already for your support!