Interview with Christian Michaelis

Christian Michaelis is a successful online entrepreneur from Germany. He joined Sunny Office twice and was open for an interview about his story and learnings. He started his career by working for many bigger startups to learn fast and then tried out different ideas himself. Today he runs an international online shop where people can name a star (;

Watch the full interview in the video below or read the summary below:

His biggest learnings summarized:

  • Entrepreneurs often have many ideas and spend a lot of time to decide which one to take. Decide for one idea you go for it and then focus.
  • In 1 or 3 months you can see if the idea works or not and start the next one. In 6 months you can try out 6 ideas.
  • Apply marketing.
  • Aha moment is when you generate the first sale, when the first customer buys your product or service.
  • Even with an old business model your idea can be launched successfully by transferring it to the digital world and by executing it better than current competitors.
  • Don’t over-analyze an idea, but just do it and go for it. That is way faster and you will find out quickly if it works. If it fails – go for the next one.

Christian´s tips:

His tips for starting entrepreneurs: Just do it, go for it.

Be persistent! You need a lot of endurance to make a business work. It could take you a year and a half till it works. Keep going!

Tools for daily work:

  • Google Mail
  • Google Apps
  • Dropbox
  • Skype
  • Notepad
  • Iphone
  • Evernote

How does Christian´s typical day look like?

Christian gets up very early at 5 or 6 am, basically at sunrise and focuses on his most important task of the day. It´s also a good time for the tasks that he dislikes to do. He works till 2 or 3 o´clock in the afternoon. In the meanwhile he does some sports for half an hour or for an hour maximum. Christian takes off in the afternoon, as it´s less productive time for him and goes out, meets friends. In the evening he either goes to a party or gets some work done.

In the evening Christian checks his emails. He tries not to check his emails at all before noon. He also cancels all his phone calls during the day.

Christian´s next steps: optimizing, growing his business.

Thank you for your insights, Christian!