Interview with Sven Schuurmans

Sven Schuurmans is the Founder of the Supertrips offers unique hotels and unique accommodations for those who want to have a special travel adventure. On his website you can find such things like sleeping in a tree house and lots of other unusual locations.

At this moment Sven is focused on the Netherlands, but they will start soon with the accommodations worldwide.

Sven came to this idea during a school project. He himself was very interested in original locations and it was always very difficult to find them. It was a long time ago when he started and there were no websites about accommodations at that time. In the beginning his project seemed to him to be rather a joke idea than a real business. But many people liked his idea and it motivated him to continue working upon it.

Sven´s biggest challenge was that he didn´t know anything about websites as he started. The only thing that he knew in the beginning was how to find unique accommodations and to make contacts.

When starting his business he slowly reduced his employed work and switched more and more time to his own business. In the beginning he worked in a marketing company in Amsterdam and then applied his experience on his own website.

Now he has his own business and some good marketing and webdesign people who help him. Sven says that it was a learning process from the moment he started his website.

His AHA moment was when the first company paid him for his products.

Sven´s most important learning:

  • Be patient.
  • It takes time to build something and to get to the point where you want to be. Sometimes when you are building something, it not always working from the very first time.
  • Sometimes you have to recheck or change something.

How does Sven´s day look like?

At the moment he works on computer the most of his time. In the future he plans to spend more time working in direct personal contact with the accommodations. He has a small team that supports him and a great goal to expand his site internationally.