Participants@Sunny Office – Meet marketing consultant Mareike and running coach Tilman

We are often asked “Who are the people that join Sunny Office?”. Therefore today we are honored to present you two participants of our wonderful Sunny Office event in Andalusia in May 2016.

Today you will at first meet Mareike from Hamburg, an incredibly talented marketing consultant and copywriter, who helped us get more specific in our sales letters and newsletters during Sunny Office. She joined Sunny Office to write her first book.

And second, you will meet Tilman, a professional classical singer, who developed a fun and healthy MP3 training series for those who want to start or re-start running. We went running with it every single morning at the beach at Sunny Office Andalusia!


Let’s meet Mareike!

1. How can you help other participants of Sunny Office ?

I am a marketing consultant and copywriter and can assist other Sunny Office participants with:

  • Naming of your company / service
  • Concept & texting of website (including programming and design)
  • Text sales letter
  • Concept & Text for Newsletter
  • Text Flyers
  • PR articles
  • Blog topics and texts
  • Social Media Marketing, etc.

More on my services at:

2. How did the past Sunny Office bring you forward?

I finally could start a project, which is very important to me. I started to write my first book. I’ve realized that I can do a lot of my work as a freelance writer from anywhere in the world.

Working together with other participants inspired me to deepen the contacts and continue to advance our projects in small working groups.

I realized in the cooperation with persons that are setting up their own business that in the future I would like to help them with their entry into the market, as working with people who are passionate about their idea means a great fun to me.


Let’s meet Tilman!

Dein Laufcoach Till

1. How can you help other participants of Sunny Office (what’s your offer / business)?

I help everyone who wants to start or re-start running with a self developed MP3 training. Go on my website, watch the introduction video, enter RUN PACE and download the first training.
The first three trainings are for free. 
On the website you can find further information about RUN PACE, for example the comments of previous testers. (Most of them are participants of Sunny Office).

2. How did the past Sunny Office bring you forward?

Since I am still at the very beginning of my startup, I learned and developed many basics of RUN PACE in the exchange with the Office Sunny participants. E.g. I could set the tagline, develop a great logo and specify all the contents and appearance of the landing page.

The Sunny Office colleagues are still my most valuable advisers. 

Also, I was able to take my wife and we had a wonderful holiday. Plenty of sunshine, excellent food, beer, wine and a beautiful beach.


Are you also interested in joining Sunny Office Andalusia? The next event will take place from 19th-28th September 2016. Click here for detailed information or send us an email to:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Sunny greetings,

Katja & Ricarda

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