Tim of the Sunny Office team about his city Barcelona

Tim Sunny Office team Spain

Tim, Sunny Office team Spain

Tim and Ricarda form the Sunny Office team Spain. Today, we are curious to get some insights from Tim about his beloved city Barcelona and will get to know some more details about him 🙂


Katja: Tim, what brought you to Barcelona?

Tim: I went to Barcelona during my studies for an internship of 6 months in 2008. After graduating I just missed my sunny life in Spain and decided to try to gain ground on the Spanish market. After some job interviews (which didn´t really measure up to my expectations) I started to check if some of my ideas are marketable. With a little luck, one of them struck root and my company Fair Appearance was born 😉


Katja: What do you like the most about the region?

Tim: Barcelona is the most diversified city I know in Europe. It has everything: You can take a train from the crowded Plaza Catalunya and in 15min you find yourself in the idyllic nature on top of Tibidabo, not to mention the beautiful beaches, architectures, restaurants and different styles of people.

Tibidabo_Adriano Amalfi

Tibidabo, the leisure park on the mountains ovelooking Barcelona. Source: Adriano Amalfi via Flickr


Katja: What are your three absolute must do/see insider tips?

Tim: The nature parks all around Barcelona, the view of the city from the 10 meter spring board of the public pool on the Montjuic by night and my „barrio“ Poblenou which for me is a work of art by itself.


Katja: How do you describe the startup scene in the region and how can Sunny Office participants connect with the local entrepreneurs?

Tim: The start up scene is spread all over the city. There are places like Barcelona Activa and Betahaus where you can get inspiration. We alway enjoy to visit one of these places or invite some interesting entrepreneurs to our Sunny Office location to get to know their story.

Betahaus Barcelona

View on rooftop terrace at Betahaus Barcelona Source: Alper Çuğun via Flickr


Katja: What makes a Sunny Office in Barcelona exceptional that participants will encounter in no other Sunny Office?

Tim: We have a great variety of possibilities regarding activities and contacts to entrepreneurs so we can adapt our Sunny Office program to the requirements of the participants. There are few other place where you can experience such an amazing city, the sea and the startup life so closely together. By the way, we still have 3 spots open for the next event there!


Katja: Thanks for the insights, Tim! Some more facts about Tim, you should know –  he loves surfing, he has a motorbike called Betsy (I hope he forgives me the picture below) and is always ready for a joke. 😉

Tim with his motorbike Betsy (source: own photo)

Tim with his motorbike Betsy (source: own photo)