Why this blog? … or the why behind this blog

I must admit I never really wanted a blog – I am not the most regular writer in the world and after some time without writing articles it can take a while until I finally sit down and start typing sentences that make sense.

So why would I start this blog?

The reason is that I experience so much knowhow exchange and great discussions happening at Sunny Office events that it would be a pity not to share it. Besides that, I see a possibility of having a bigger positive impact by publishing regularly – through written and video content. I am looking forward to share thoughts and experiences, get feedback, further develop Sunny Office and share the vision.

This blog hence exists to:

  • Explain the why, philosophy and vision of Sunny Office
  • Present the people that take part at Sunny Office to you
  • Let you know the people behind Sunny Office
  • Give you insights in current events (serious and not so serious)
  • Share learnings and knowledge discussed and shared at Sunny Office
  • Give you access to tips and resources – from how to find the right location to what is the best equipment for your coworking vacation
  • Build a community of like-minded people
  • Connect with like-minded initiatives: we are a new little niche combining coworking, vacation and coliving and our goal is to cooperate with all like-minded initiatives and to build partnerships
  • Get your feedback and ideas where we could develop

This is why. And this why is enough to make me a regular writer.
We are exited to get in touch with many like-minded entrepreneurial, passionate, freedom loving, sun-addicted, location-independent and open-minded individuals!

Let’s create a totally new type of environment for passionate entrepreneurs.

Be passionate, be excellent, be free.